Wednesday, November 14, 2012

For Him.


I hope you have reached safe n sound
And parked yourself on happier grounds

I write to you from a clueless town
I have no idea why I frown

Probably because I am missing you
Perhaps you should have left a residue

Of your singing heart and your dancing soul
Your skin, your pores or your magic moles

To help me survive this boring week
Without the much-needed dose of mischief

I wonder why I did not keep
A part of you, that would help me sleep

Like your arm, your palm, your lips, your tongue
Your chest, your breath, or just one of your lungs

But I shall try and not dissect
the anatomy of the man you make

'Cause the man you make is a rare find
The whole of you makes one of a kind!


Tessie McIlwaine said...

Omg so beautiful nice poem did u write it urself?

tess544 said...

omg so nice did u write it urself?

Laura Griffiths said...

brilliant poem

Anonymous said...

why arent u blogging anymore :(