Monday, March 10, 2008


I hate seeing friends in strangers
and strangers in friends

I hate glitz n glitter
and people who litter

I hate red riding hood for being so red
and signs like 'this bears no resemblance to person living or dead'

I hate my sister in pain
and hate her even more when she acts like a saint

I hate the absence of trees and the presence of malls,
unwanted marketing callers and their unwanted calls

I hate eve teasing bastards and male chauvinist pigs
and sick fucking assholes who can't control their dicks

I hate people who preach and people who ditch
and all my near and dear ones who think i am a bitch

I hate the fact that i am supposed to be married
i hate my future husband and the ugly kids who are yet to be carried!

I hate this entire week and the week that ended day before yesterday.
I hate the fact that a week after this week i will love everything I hate today.