Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lost and found

Sometimes a loss can cause you a lot of damage! Especially when what you have lost is nothing less than your own self.

And then the journey begins to find the lost you!

You leave on a mission to find your lost smile along with your missing heart and the ever silent mind. The search begins in the nearest bar; in different shades and shapes of potent liquid; in familiar strangers and unfamiliar territories; in the roads so often traveled but so less recognized; in the 7th week of solitude; in unfair relationships; in recurring memories and resurging past.

You yearn for the eyes that saw your dreams, the voice that told your story and the hands that shaped your present. You cry for your lost innocence, your misplaced soul and omitted conscience and suffer the loss of a lost you.

You travel far and wide to reduce the distance between you and your real self and finally come back home defeated.

And then one fine day, when you have accepted the absence and rebuild a new you, you discover that in that new you- you have found the lost smile, the missing heart, the silent mind again and that too- in your own house, in your own room, on your own side of the bed!

Tell Mom that you are finally home!