Thursday, November 27, 2008

Death at our doorsteps.

When we were kids, we always thought that death happened to people living in a far away land. We believed that graveyards were in outer space. That death was not for us.

We rode our tricycles on the streets not knowing what accidents meant. We played House-House with all the members always living. We always had happy endings.
We never played WAR.

We heard the bombs only during the festival of lights.
We knew neither the meaning nor the pronunciation for the word 'Terrorist'.

We were safe, free and really happy kids.

Now when we are all grown up, we have realized that life happens to people living in a far away land. We are surrounded by graveyards and burning bodies. That life is not for us. It can never be cause our intelligence happens to fails us every time we think it is for us.

Death awaits us at our doorsteps.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mr. Dhingra

Kindly confirm arrival at office.
Please call Mr. Dhingra-papa, at your earliest.
Wife Usha Dhingra is not well. Your willingness to come home on time is much required and will be appreciated.
Tonight, please drink according to your capacity. And don't attempt driving after that. Failure to abide might lead to imprisonment and shame.

These are not letters from the public sector. They are some text messages from my public sector Dad. He takes 30 minutes to type one message, saves it as draft, spell checks it and then sends it to his elder daughter with a cc to the younger one.

Dad's impersonal way of expressing himself affects the two daughters at a personal level.

We have all his messages saved.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Therefore the moon is ours...

Every full moon night I think of us!